CCC Online Test 2019 in Hindi 100 Question

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Hello Students! हमारे कई छात्र ने हमें और अधिक प्रश्नो के लिए हमें कमेंट किया उन्ही छात्रों को देखते हुए हमारी टीम आप सभी के साथ CCC Online Test 2019 in Hindi के और question शेयर कर रही है हमें उम्मीद है आपको यह पसंद आएगा |

Total Number of Question 100

  • Maximum Marks -100
  • Passing Marks-50%
  • Language- Hindi

1. Telnet is …….?

  • (a) Terminal Network
  • (b) Telephone Network
  • (c) Telecommunication Network
  • (d) Terrestrial Network
Answer C

2. Which of the Following is not a valid image format.

  • (a) tiff
  • (b) gif
  • (c) jpeg
  • (d) bump
Answer A

3.”Accidently you made a mistake when working with your document. How can you undo that action?

  • (a) CTRL+X
  • (b) CTRL+Y
  • (c) CTRL+Z
  • (d)CTRL+U
Answer C

4.Which language is used to create macros in Excel?

  • (a) Visual Basic
  • (b) C
  • (c) Visual C++
  • (d) Java
Answer A

5. In Ms word, the backspace key

  • (a) Deletes the character to the left of the cursor.
  • (b) Deletes the Character where the cursor is positioned.
  • (c) Deletes the character to the right of the cursor.
  • (d) Deletes a word
Answer A

6. To add an additional row to an existing table, you should

  • (a) Choose Table ad then insert and rows above or rows below
  • (b) Choose the format and then the table
  • (c) choose edit and then tables
  • (d) Click on the table and borders button on the standard toolbar.
Answer A

7. While making the nomination, Signature of the nominee is required on.

  • (a) Affidavit
  • (b) Account Opening Form
  • (c) None of the options-
  • (d) Nomination Form-
Answer C

8.DNS in internet technology stands for

  • (a) Dynamic Name System
  • (b) Domain Name System
  • (c) Distributed Name System
  • (d)None of the above
Answer B

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9. Does Bank pay interest on?

  • (a) None of the options
  • (b) Deposits
  • (c) Both Deposits
  • (d) Lons
Answer B

10. Account Payee cheques can be paid?

  • (a) At cash counter of bank
  • (b) At ATM
  • (c) by Deposit in Bank Account
  • (d) None of the options
Answer C

11. Which of the following is an output device?

  • (a)Plotter
  • (b) Scanner
  • (c) Joystick
  • (d) Light pen
Answer A

12. Computers Process data into information by working exclusively with………?

  • (a) Characters
  • (b) Words
  • (c) Numbers
  • (d) Multimedia
Answer C

13.Which of the following is used to retrieve or store files on a network system?

  • (a) FTP
  • (b) DNS
  • (c) WAIS
  • (d) NFS
Answer  A

14.OS does not Boot itself when a system is.

  • (a) Shut Down
  • (b) Reset
  • (c) Powered on
  • (d) Restarted
Answer B

15. The Following Is not a valid Cell Address.

  • (a) A190
  • (b) IBCI0
  • (c) HH77
  • (d) DF6780
Answer B

16. Skype is one of the best.

  • (a) Web Browser
  • (b) Internet telephony
  • (c) Web Server
  • (d) protocol
Answer B

17. While selecting the documents in MS- word keystroke shif+home will move the insertion points to MS

  • (a) No Effect
  • (b) One word right
  • (c) End of line
  • (d) The beginning of the line
Answer D

18. Software which supports the basic functions computer usage and helps to run the computer hardware is.

  • (a) Printer
  • (b) Operating System
  • (c) Control Unit
  • (d) Registers
Answer B

19. Which of the following is a common criterion for assessing web page credibility?

  • (a) Make Sure the page is located on a popular web server.
  • (b) Only Check to see if the author exists
  • (c) Check to see if the identity of the page’s author is clearly stated.
  • (d) Only Accepts sites that have an. edu at the end of their address.
Answer A

20. For which of the Following Task Ms word is Not Best Suited.?

  • (a) Combine main document and data source to send letters too many recipients.
  • (b) Creating Slides to show in a workshop or seminar
  • (c) Automatically Formatting Pre-written documents
  • (d) writing a Thesis with 100s of pages-100
Answer B

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Note-: आपकी जानकारी के लिए बता दे तो इसका आगे को क्वेश्चन कल  साम 6  बजे आपको प्राप्त हो जयेगे |


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