CCC Online Test 2019 in English Set 2

CCC Online Test 2019 in Hindi
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Good Evening Friends -:  हमे उम्मीद है आपको आपको पार्ट १ पसंद आया होगा | आपकी जानकारी के लिए बता दे तो आप अगर उन CCC Online Test 2019 in Hindi Set 2 प्रश्नो को नहीं देखे है तो देख लीजिए क्युकी वो बाहत  important  Question  है |

CCC Online Test 2019 in English Set 2

Total Number of Question 100

  • Maximum Marks -100
  • Passing Marks-50%
  • Language- Hindi

21. Another word for daisy wheel printer is …………..

  • ( a) Line printer
  • (b) Petal Printer
  • (c) Golf Printer
  • (d) Laser Printer
Answer C

22. BCC Means – BCC

  • (a) Beautiful
  • (b) Black Carbon Copy
  • (c) Blind Carbon Copy
  • (d) Background Color Copy
Answer C

23. Change case commend appears in………?

  • (a) Tools
  • (b) Insert
  • (c) Format
  • (d) Edit
Answer C

24.  what is the shortcut key to the open start menu?

  • ( a) Press windows key
  • (b) Ctrl+Esc
  • (c) Both of the above
  • (d) None of these
Answer C

25. Printer speed is generally measured in

  • (a) No of pages per second
  • (b) No of character in one page
  • (c) No of  pages per Minute
  • (d) No of words per second
Answer C

26. Maximum zoom Percentage in Ms- Powerpoint:

  • (a) 400
  • (b)200
  • (c) 600
  • (d) 100
Answer A

27. what is the Default File extension after.( Dot) in web files-

  • (a) .gtml
  • (b) . HTML
  • (c). com
  • (d).xtml
Answer B

28. Computer System Consists of

  • (a) Hardware
  • (b) Software
  • (c) Both a) & b)
  • (d) None
Answer C

29. The shortcut key for sideshow form current side of the presentation.

  • (a) F5
  • (b) Shift+F5
  • (c) Ctrl+f5
  • (d) Alt+f5
Answer B

30. ……… is the high-Speed Memory Used in the computer.

  • (a) RAM
  • (b) BIOS
  • (c) Hard disk
  • (d) Cache
Answer D

31. which of the following is an example of system software?

  • (a) Operating System (OS)
  • (b) Loader
  • (c) Linker
  • (d) ALL of the above
Answer D

32. Except for IF and IFERROR, what results from a logical function?

  • (a) YES and No
  • (b) True and False
  • (c) Arithmetic value
  • (d) Calculated  Value
Answer B

33. IP Stands for?

  • (a) Internet Mass Protocol
  • (b) Internet Priority Protocol
  • (c) Internet Protocol
  • (d) Internet Property Protocol
Answer C

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34. An outcome of a computer virus cannot be ………?

  • (a) Mother Board Crash
  • (b) Deletion of Files
  • (c) Disk Crash
  • (d) Corruption of program
Answer A

35. The Simplest way to break a deadlock is to ……….

  • (a) Rollback
  • (b) Lock one of the process
  • (c)  Preempt a resource
  • (d) Kill one of the processes
Answer D

36. Formatting of a block of text can be cleared by ………..

  • (a) Right clicking mouse
  • (b) Selecting AutoFormat
  • (c) Using Edit-Clear-Formats
  • (d) Using Key Combo Ctrl+F
Answer C

37. The Internet can be used for

  • (a) All of the option
  • (b) Accessing complex database
  • (c) Giving Travelling Infomation
  • (d) Providing Notes, lectures information-
Answer A

38. The Addressing Mode(s) that can be used in a formula is/are

  • (a) Absolute, Relative and mixed
  • (b) Only Absolute
  • (c) Mixed
  • (d) Absolute & Relative
Answer A

39. URI Stands for

  • (a) Uniform Resource Identifier
  • (b) Universal Resource Identifier
  • (c) User Resource Identifier
  • (b) None of these
Answer A

40. In Excel, the Intersection of a row and column is called.

  • (a) Square
  • (b) Cubicle
  • (c) Cell
  • (d) WorkSheet
Answer C

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Note-: आपकी जानकारी के लिए बता दे तो इसका आगे को क्वेश्चन कल  साम 6  बजे आपको प्राप्त हो जयेगे |

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