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In heap files records are placed in

In heap files, records are placed in

हीप में फ़ाइलों को किस क्रम में रखा जाता है
Topic : Introduction to Computer

A. Random order - रैंडम आर्डर

B. Sequential order - अनुक्रमिक आर्डर

C. Indexed order - इंडेक्स्ड आर्डर

D. Printer-referenced order - प्रिंटर- रिफरेन्स ऑर्डर

Correct Answer

A. Random order - रैंडम आर्डर

Explanation :

In heap files, records are typically placed in random order. A heap file is a type of file organization where records are inserted into the file without any specific order or sequence. Each record is placed at the next available location in the file, and there is no inherent order based on key values or any other criteria.

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