Creating and Sending a new email

Creating and Sending a new E-mail

To send an e-mail, both the sender and receiver must have an e-mail account. To send an e-mail, follow the steps listed below:

1. Click on the ‘Compose’ option.

2. Enter the e-mail address of the receiver against any of the three options - To , CC and BCC.

  • To: Address(es) mentioned in this box are visible to every receiver.
  • CC: stands for Carbon Copy. The mail will be sent to the To address as well as CC address. The addresses typed in To as well as in CC are visible to all other receivers.
  • BCC: Stands for Blind Carbon Copy. Each user whose addresses are typed in BCC is unaware of the fact that the same message has also been sent to others.

Instead of typing in the address, we can also insert the same from the address book

1. Click Insert Address or Address Book.

2. Select the addresses by Checking (ticking) them.

3. Click OK or Insert option to insert the address in the recipient mailbox.

3. Write in the message in the text box as indicated in the figure

4. After typing in the message click on send option

In order to close the e-mail session, we can click on options like logout or sign out.

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