Application Software

Application Software

An application software is bought by the user to perform specific applications or tasks, say for example making a document or making a presentation or handling inventory or managing the employee database. An application software can be of two types – 

General Purpose Application Software and Customized Application software.

  • Solve a specific problem or do a specific task
  • Programs included in an application software package are called application programs and the programmers who prepare them are called application programmers
  • Examples of application software are word processing, inventory management, preparation of tax returns, banking, etc.

Logical System Architecture

General Purpose Application Software

Some of the application software is made for the common users for day to day applications and uses. These are also referred as Office Tools. The users may use them in the manner they want. Some of the popular types of general purpose application software are discussed below:

Word Processor: Word processor is a general purpose application software used to create documents. It allows us to create , edit and format documents. We can use different types of fonts of various sizes; underline or make bold a certain part of the text. We can add clipart and other graphics into the document. Popular examples of Word processing software are Writer (Open Office) and Microsoft Word. 

We use word processing software for various uses like writing a simple document to designing special art effects. Since we can attach images and different shapes, can use different colors, even a poster can be designed using word processing software. Features like Mail Merge, Macro has further enhanced the word processing software and made it very useful.

Presentation Tools: Presentation tools is a general purpose application software that lets us create presentations on any topic. We can not only create a presentation and add slides into that but also can use different types of background, fonts, animations, audio, video, etc. We can add clipart and other graphics into our document. Even audio video files can be added on to the presentations. Popular examples of Presentation tools software are Impress (open office) and Microsoft Power Point.

Spreadsheet Packages: Spreadsheet is a general purpose application software that lets us create and store data in tabular form. Both text and numerical values can be entered in that tables known as a spreadsheet. We can not only create a document and add data into that but also can create different types of charts and graphs based upon the numerical data stored in that page. All common mathematical and statistical formulae can be used on the numeric data. Popular examples of Spreadsheet software are Calc (Open Office) and Microsoft Excel.

Database Management System: Database Management System is general purpose application software that lets us create computer programs that control the creation, maintenance, and the use of database for an organization and its end users. We can not only store data but can also manage data in a database. We can also import and export the data to many formats including Excel, Outlook, ASCII, dBase, FoxPro, Oracle, SQL Server, ODBC, etc. Popular examples of Database Management System are Base (Open Office) and Microsoft Access.

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