Computer and Latest IT gadgets

Computer and Latest IT gadgets

  • The word computer comes from the word “compute”, which means, “to calculate”
  • Thereby, a computer is an electronic device that can perform arithmetic operations at high speed
  • A computer is also called a data processor because it can store, process, and retrieve data whenever desired

The activity of processing data using a computer is called data processing

Data is raw material used as input and information is processed data obtained as output of data processing

Characteristics of Computer

1) Automatic: Given a job, computer can work on it automatically without human interventions

2) Speed: Computer can perform data processing jobs very fast, usually measured in microseconds (10-6), nanoseconds (10-9), and picoseconds (10-12)

3) Accuracy: Accuracy of a computer is consistently high and the degree of its accuracy depends upon its design. Computer errors caused due to incorrect input data or unreliable programs are often referred to as Garbage- In-Garbage-Out (GIGO)

4) Diligence: Computer is free from monotony, tiredness, and lack of concentration. It can continuously work for hours without creating any error and without grumbling

5) Versatility: Computer is capable of performing almost any task, if the task can be reduced to a finite series of logical steps

6) Power of Remembering: Computer can store and recall any amount of information because of its secondary storage capability. It forgets or looses certain information only when it is asked to do so

7) No I.Q.: A computer does only what it is programmed to do. It cannot take its own decision in this regard

8) No Feelings: Computers are devoid of emotions. Their judgement is based on the instructions given to them in the form of programs that are written by us (human beings)

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