Entering Data in Cell

Entering Data in Cell

To enter any data in a worksheet, practically in the cell, it is required to select the cell. Cell can be selected by positioning the pointer in a cell. The data to be entered can be the label, values or formula.

(a) Label: Label is the any text entered by using a keyboard. It may combine with letters, numbers, and special symbols. By default the labels are left aligned.

(b) Values: The numerical data consisting of only numbers are called values. By default values are right aligned. There are various forms of values, such as integer, decimal and so on.

(c) Formula: Any expressions that begins with an equals ‘=’ is treated as formula. In the expression, the ‘=’ followed by values, cell address and functions are called as formula. When a formula is entered in a cell in a worksheet the value of the equation is displayed in the cell and the formula is shown in the formula bar.

Note: The values do not display the preceding zero. If any value (e.g., telephone numbers), preceded by 0, then the first letter ‘0’ is not displayed, when the data is value. To show the preceding ‘0’, the data type has to be specified as ‘Text’.

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