Formatting Cell

Formatting Cell

The cell holds any type of data in the spreadsheet. The cell data can be formatted using formatting toolbar or cell formatting window. It is also possible to format the cell using Format cells dialog box. The Format cells dialog box can be opened using Format→cells using the Format menu, or from context menu opened through right clicking the cell. The various options in the Format→cells dialog.

Apply different font types on a worksheet
Font Size
Apply different font sizes on a worksheet
Make the selected text bold
Italicize the selected text
Underline the selected text
Left Alignment
Align text in a cell to the left
Center Alignment
Align text in a cell to the center
Right Alignment
Align text in a cell to the right
Increase decimal places
Show more precise value by showing more decimal places
Decreased decimal places
Show less precise decimal places

Use of dialog boxes to format values

The format cells dialog box in the toolbar can be used to find more about formatting a cell or range of cell. You can open this Format Cell dialog box by pressing the shortcut key Ctrl+1

Formatting a range of cells with decimal places

The division of different numbers may result in varied decimal places in the quotient. In such cases it is necessary to format the number to a fixed number of decimal places.

Following are the steps to format a cell to the required number of decimal places:

  • Select the range of cells.
  • Open the ‘format cells dialog’ box
  • Click the ‘Number’ tab
  • Select the ‘Number’
  • Change the decimal places as required
  • Click ‘OK’

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