Securing PC

Securing Personal Computer (PC)

Personal Computer security is the process of preventing and detecting unauthorized use of personal computer. Prevention measures help user to stop unauthorized users (hackers) from accessing any part of their computer system. Detection helps user to determine whether or not someone attempted to break security into their system.

PC security is considered to be more important for the following reasons:

  • To prevent data theft.
  • To prevent theft or destruction to hardware.
  • To prevent any software or service getting disrupted. 

Personal Computer(PC) can be kept secure by implementing following processes:

  • Keep up with system and software security updates.
  • Install antivirus and anti spyware software.
  • Back up your system.
  • Enable a firewall.
  • Use a standard user account.
  • Keep your User Account Control enabled.
  • Using Password to protect your software and lock your device.
  • Secure your web browser before going online.
  • Use an encryption software tool for your hard drive.
  • Be careful online and don’t click on suspicious links. 

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