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  • What is e-Governance?

    What is e-Governance?

    Governance may be an activity of governing/controlling a country by its Government, similar to controlling an organization or a company by its CEO or Board of Directors or controlling a household by the head of the house.

  • What is an Electronic mail

    What is an Electronic mail

    Electronic mail is a method of sending a message from one computer to another computer through internet.The first E-mail was sent by Ray Tomlinson in the year 1971.

  • Types of E-mail

    Types of E-mail

    E-mails can be sent to single or group of people. There are three types of E-mails, Marketing E-mails. Notification E-mails and. Transactional E-mails

  • Marketing E-mail

    Marketing E-mail

    Electronic marketing is a method to send commercial messages to a group of people using E-mail.Marketing E-mails motivate user clients and leads.

  • Notification E-mail

    Notification E-mail

    Notification E-mail allows the user to notify every particular event happens.They are also known as Trigger.More generally, the notification E-mail may be used in order to celebrate or mark an event like promotions, mela etc.

  • Transactional E-mails

    Transactional E-mails

    Transactional E-mail can be used in Business transactions.This E-mail is an expected information that the client wishes to check or confirm

  • E-mail Addressing

    E-mail Addressing

    An E-mail address is same as postal address.E-mail address identifies an “E-mail box” to which E-mail messages are to be delivered.An e-mail address is composed of several elements, for example "".

  • Configuring E-mail client

    Configuring E-mail client

    First step is to configure E-mail client so that user can manage to access mails with the client.An E-mail client is a computer program used to access and manage user's Email.

  • Mailbox


    The Mailbox is an area in memory or on a storage device where e-mail is placed.In e-mail systems, each user has a private mailbox. When the user receives email, the mail system automatically puts it in the mailbox.

  • Inbox


    The Inbox is a collection of recent mails by user which is available to read, answer, store or delete.

  • Outbox


    The outbox is where outgoing e-mail messages are temporarily stored.While composing a message, most mail programs automatically save a draft message in the outbox.

  • Advance E-mail features

    Advance E-mail features

    User can Edit the style sheet of the E-mail by Customize fonts and colors, change the width of columns and add personal classes and preview and test the changes by sending a sample E-mail to their own.

  • Activating spell checking

    Activating spell checking

    The spell check feature corrects spelling mistakes on forms, including web-based E-mail messages, discussion forums, and even intranet web applications.

  • Handling SPAM

    Handling SPAM

    SPAM is an E-mail that contains unwanted content and/or solicitations of a nature that is considered vulgar and/or offensive by most people, and may also be fraudulent and/or dangerous.

  • Blogs


    A blog, short for ‘web log’ is a modern online writer’s column. A blog is a web site like any other, but it is intended to offer personal opinions of people on their hobbies, interests, commentaries, photo blogs, etc.

  • Types of blogs

    Types of blogs

    There are millions of blogs on the Web. But they are categorized into these types:

    A. Personal blogs
    B. News and views
    C. Company blogs
    D. Micro blogs

  • Personal Blog

    Personal Blog

    By far the most popular among all types of blogs is the personal blog, after all, blogging started off as a way of giving words to your thoughts. A typical blogger may be keen on posting stories about his interests.

  • News and views

    News and views

    These days, we find a number of news and television companies having professional journalists who post stories and views about the latest events. Visitors can comment their opinions as well. BBC is a popular example of the same.

  • Company blogs

    Company blogs

    Many companies run blogs to let their customers and clients know about the new products coming up or progress being made on some project.

  • Micro Blogs

    Micro Blogs

    This is a new type of blog where you post very short comments that others can follow and a powerful way for professionals to keep in touch with each other. Twitter is the best example.

  • Video Conferencing

    Video Conferencing

    The video conferencing is a conference between two or more people sitting at various remote locations around the world. They can talk to each other when they are connected to each other using Internet. Thus, they are able to transmit both the video and audio data.

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