Border and Shading

Border and Shading

Assigning borders and backgrounds to important paragraphs, frames and pages give attractive look to the document. For example, by assigning borders or backgrounds a reader is able to differentiate the points to remember from the regular text.

(i) Adding border: It is possible to apply the border, either to individual characters or to selected text. The process is similar in each case. The preset shows the preview of the selected border.

(ii) Adding background colour: To add background color to the paragraph, select the paragraph. Select the Area tab from the Paragraph dialog. Alternately, right-click anywhere in the paragraph, and choose Paragraph from the context menu. In the dialog, select the Area tab, then choose Color. Select the color from the color grid to use for this frame, and then click OK to apply it to the background.

The color, gradient, bitmap, pattern, hatch can be added in the same way by clicking the respective buttons in the dialog.

To delete a color, gradient, bitmap, or other background, select None near the top of the Area page of the Frame dialog.

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