Formatting the Text

Formatting the Text

Formatting Text refers to the formatting of paragraphs and characters. To do the formatting, first select the text and then apply the required text formatting features.

There are various methods of formatting text. We can apply any one method as per the suitability. These methods are

  • use the menu options from menu bar.
  • use the readily available buttons on the formatting toolbar.
  • use the context menu. The context menu appears by right clicking on the selected text.
  • use the keyboard shortcut.

(a) Removing manual formatting

To see the effect of formatting the text, first remove manual formatting. For this, select the text and choose Format → Clear Direct Formatting from the Menu bar, or click the Clear Direct Formatting button on the Formatting toolbar, or use Ctrl+M from the keyboard. It will clear the existing formatting on the text and then you can apply the fresh formatting features.

(b) Common text formatting

Some of the common text formatting features are:

1. Changing font size – by selecting font size.

2. Changing font style – bold, italic, underline

3. Changing font type – by selecting font drop down.

4. Changing font colour – by selecting font

colour icon.

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