Creating a New Document

Creating a New Document

Step 1 Create a new text document by using File Menu → New → Text Document.

Step 2 Now save the file by clicking on the File Menu → Save. Give the name of the file (for example: report). By default, the file is saved in .odt format. Different file formats are as under 

Step 3 Saving the file by another name It is possible to make another copy of the file by saving it with another name using the Save As option. Once the user saves the document by giving a name, it is called a ‘File’. The user can save the file with another name in other location using the Save As option. The user will get two files the previous one and the one with new name.

Step 4 Closing the document— After finishing the work, close the file, as too many opened files will cause a disturbance in working. To close the file, select File → Close

Step 5 Opening the document—It may further require to open a file for editing. Select File → Open (Ctrl+O) and the document will be open for editing

To create a new document: Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+N; Mouse options: File → New → Text Document

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