Element of Writer Window

Element of the Writer window

The various parts of the Writer window have been briefly explained below.

(a) Title bar: Title bar is located on the top of Writer window. It shows the title of the currently opened document. The name of the document means the file name of the document saved on the disk. For a new document, it shows the title of the document as Untitled X, where ‘X’ is the document number Untitled 1, Untitled 2, Untitled 3... etc., as we go on opening the new document.

(b) Menu bar: It appears below the Title Bar. It shows the menu items File, Edit, View, Insert, Format, Tables, Tools, Window and Help. On selecting a menu item, its submenu will open below the menu item. We can select any item in the submenu as per the requirement.

(c) Toolbars: The tool bar appears below Menu Bar. By default, the Standard Tool Bar and Formatting Tool Bar will appear. The other tool bars can be activated by clicking on ‘View’ menu, and selecting the ‘Toolbars’ of submenu. The user can choose the required toolbars by clicking on it. The selected toolbar will show the √sign before the toolbar. Suppose we select the Find toolbar then the Find word in the toolbar will appear as √Find.

(d) Standard toolbar: It contains commands in the form of icons.

(e) Formatting toolbar: It contains the various options for formatting a document. A graphical representation of commands is shown in the form of icons.

(f) Status bar: This is positioned at the left bottom of the Writer window and displays the number of pages, words, the language used, zooming, etc. It is located at the bottom of the workspace.

(g) Scroll button and scroll bar: It is used to scroll the document.

(h) Zoom: It allows to change the scale of the text and pictures in the document only for view. It does not affect the physical document. It is used to check the finishing quality of the document. To know the meaning of other tools, position the mouse pointer on the tool and see the Tool Tip.

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