Spelling and Grammar

Spelling and Grammar

While writing a report on paper, sometimes we may not remember the spelling of some words. In this situation we refer to the books or confirm the spelling from teachers or parents. Also while word processing a document, we may commit spelling mistake. In such cases, the Writer helps us to correct the spelling. It also provides a grammar checker to check the grammar of the sentence. It can be used separately or in combination with the spelling checker. This is one of the important features of any word processing application.

If any grammatical errors are detected, they are underlined by a wavy blue line. Right-clicking on this line brings up a context menu. The first entry in the menu describes the suspected broken grammatical rule. We can do the correction as suggested.

To check the spelling and grammar of the document (or selected text), select Tools → Spelling and Grammar, or click the Spelling and Grammar button on the Standard toolbar, or press the keyboard key F7.

You can choose to restart from the beginning of the document when the check reaches the end of the document.

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