Printing of Documents

Printing of Documents

To quickly print the document without any option, Click the Print icon. The entire document will be sent to the default printer defined for your computer.

Controlling printing

To print the document with certain options, use the Print dialog (File → Print or Ctrl+P). A Print dialog box will appear.

From the Print dialog, you can choose options as per your requirement. They are Printer, Properties, Print Range, Copies and Options. The selected options will work for the current document only.

If you click on a small triangle (▼), a list of names of printers (only those which are installed on your computer) will appear in line with the Name. You can select the printer which you want.

Printing all pages, single and multiple pages

One can select the printing option as per their choice. There are three options to print the number of pages in a document.

  • To print all the pages in sequence, choose the option All pages.
  • To print a single page, or number of nonconsecutive pages, choose the option Pages, and give the page numbers separated by comma. If you want to print the pages that are consecutive give the range of pages first and last page (for example 3-8).
  • To print only the selected text, choose the option, Selection.

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