Text Selection

Text Selection

It is necessary to select the text to perform copy and paste operation. The selected text will be highlighted. For editing the text you must first select the required text. The editing can be done on the selected text.

Selection criteria

To select the text in Writer, swipe the mouse cursor over text. There are several selection tricks to speed up the selection process as below.

To select a letter or letters
Drag the Mouse across the letter(s)
To select a single word at a time
Position the mouse pointer anywhere on that word and double click.
To select a complete sentence at a time
Position the mouse pointer anywhere in the sentence and triple click. (Triple click means to quickly click the left mouse button three times.)
To select a complete paragraph at a time
Position the mouse pointer anywhere in the paragraph and quadruple click (Quadruple click means to quickly click the left mouse button four times.)
A document
Press Ctrl + A on the key board. Drag the mouse pointer till you see a right arrow which is white. Then click it thrice.

A portion of the text can be selected by clicking and dragging. To do this, position the mouse pointer at the beginning point of the selection, click and hold the left mouse button down, and move the mouse pointer to the end of the desired selection. To de-select the text, move the mouse pointer to an unselected location and click the left mouse button once.

To select all of the text in a document, press Ctrl+A. Ctrl+A means to hold the Ctrl key down and press the A key.

By using the keyboard

  • select the first piece of text.
  • press Shift+F8. This puts Writer in ‘Adding selection’ mode.
  • use the arrow keys to move to the start of the next piece of text to be selected. Hold down the Shift key and select the next piece of text.
  • repeat as often as required.
  • press Esc to exit from this mode.

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