Insertion and Deletion of Row

Inserting rows and columns

To insert one row or column in the table:

  • Place the cursor in the row or column before or after which you want to add new rows or columns.
  • Click on the Rows Above or Rows Below icons in the Table toolbar to insert one row above or below the selected one.
  • Click on the Columns Left or Columns Right icons in the Table toolbar to insert a column to the left or right of the selected one.
  • Choose Insert → Rows Above/Below or Insert → Columns Above/Below. Set number to define the number of rows or columns to be inserted, and select the Position as Before or After.
  • Click OK to close the dialog box.

Deleting rows and columns

To delete one or more rows or columns, place the cursor in the row or column you want to delete and do one of the following:

  • Click on the Rows or Columns icons on the Table toolbar
  • Right-click and choose Delete → Rows or Delete → Columns.
  • Press Alt+Delete on the keyboard and use the arrow keys to delete rows or columns as described above for inserting.

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