Find and Replace

Find and Replace

This feature is used to search for a text and replace it with other text.

  • Select Edit → Find & Replace, the dialog box will open.
  • Type the text to find in the Find box.
  • To change the text with different text, enter the new text in the Replace box. For example, while writing the paragraph the word ‘IT Job Fair’ was typed but it should be ‘NationalITJobFair’. Solet’s replace it.

Step 1: Click on Edit Menu → Find & Replace option or press CTRL+F

Step 2: Write text under Search For option and click on Find button to locate the entered word. This will select the word which you want to search for. Also, you can click on Find All to select and display all occurrences of the entered text.

Step 3: Write the text under Replace with option. Now click on Replace if you want to change only first occurrence of it and use Replace All to replace all the matching occurrences.

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