Word Processing Basics

Word Processing Basics

Word processing software not only provides basic ability to enter and modify the text but also provides efficient text manipulation functions that can be used for documentation. Modern word processors provide attractive features. Some of the features provided by popular word processors are as listed below.

  • Create, edit, save, retrieve and print the document
  • Select and move the text from one place to another in the document
  • Copy the text to other places within the document
  • Move or copy a selected text from one document to any other document
  • Change the font size, font style of the text in the document
  • Format paragraphs as well as pages
  • Check spelling and grammar
  • Create table, modify the size of the selected rows, columns or cells
  • Combine one or more documents
  • Insert pictures or graphs within the document
  • Print the selected text or selected pages of the document

Word processors are being used in the business, home, and education, i.e., in schools and colleges for preparing letters, reports, and many other different types of documents. Students use it for preparing project reports and assignments. Teachers use word processors for preparing question papers and notes.

Office suite is a collection of programs, which are useful for word processing, spreadsheet preparation, presentation, and database management. There are several office suits. We will be using LibreOffice, because of its several advantages.

LibreOffice is a free and open source software (FOSS), fully-featured office productivity suite. Currently the versions of LibreOffice is 6.0 and above are available. It is available free for downloading from the website www.libreoffice.org. This suite is available in many languages and runs on many platforms (Windows, Mac and Linux). It uses Open Document Format (ODF) file format, for publishing documents. LibreOffice components are integrated with each other and have a similar ‘look and feel’, which makes it easy to use and train. 

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